DraftKings Applies for UK Gambling License

One of the largest US-based Daily Fantasy Sports sites, DraftKings, has recently applied for a UK remote gambling license making it inevitable that the company will begin accepting customers from the United Kingdom shortly. 

Daily Fantasy Sports is already picking up across Europe where companies are offering products related to Fantasy Soccer.

LegalSportsReport.com question how the DraftKings application might be perceived by lawmakers in the US:

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 17, 2015
Free Fantasy PGA Golf Contests: DraftKings, FanWars, FantacyAces

A number of Daily Fantasy Sports websites have been capitalizing on what is becoming a Fantasy Golf craze of sorts.  As a way of being more competitive, they have been vying with one another to offer the best free Fantasy Golf contests on the Net.  And as we quickly discover, “Free” does not always mean “Zero Prizes” or a chance to secure one’s bragging rights. 

Submitted by: Vito Conti on June 15, 2015

DFS911.com looks at your New York Yankees Daily Fantasy MLB outlook for the period June 13-16. 

Mark Teixeira – 2-for-4 hitting on Friday.   He was 2-for-3 in his previous game.  He’s priced at $3700. 

Avoid:  On Saturday June 13 despite being hot right now.  He’s just 2-for-12 vs. Bud Norris.

Alex Rodriguez – 2-for-4 hitting on Friday with one RBI.   He had an RBI in his previous game as well. 

Brendan Ryan – Went 2-for-3 with an RBI and triple in Wednesday’s game against Washington. 

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 13, 2015
Vulcun League of Legends $250 ★★ NA LCS W3D1 Pays Half the Field $450

With just ten entrants permitted at the Vulcun League of Legends $250 ★★ NA LCS W3D1 contest Saturday, half the field will receive a cool $450 each.

This Fantasy eSports event requires a $250 fee to enter but the odds are quite good of raking in an additional $450.

Starting times are 3 pm EST, 20:00 London, 13 June, 06:00 Sunday Seoul.

Submitted by: Brian Stern on June 12, 2015
Marshawn Lynch to Appear on ESPN’s eSports Magazine Cover

Marshawn Lynch will appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine in full costume, it was reported via Twitter this week.

The Seahawks running back is also a big Call of Duty fans. 

Lynch created quite a stir during Super Bowl media week, at one point playing Mortal Kombat with Conan O'Brien.

With eSports expected to garner a bigger fan base than the NFL come 2017, perhaps we could see Lynch participating in competitive eSports events in the distant future (after his NFL career has ended).

Submitted by: Nicole Di Caprio on June 11, 2015

It was confirmed Thursday that CBS Sports, one of the first media outlets to ever launch a fantasy sports site, will be speaking at the Daily Fantasy Sports Expo in Miami Beach June 7-8.

“If this doesn’t get people excited about attending I don’t know what will,” noted event organizer Marc Lesnick. 

The news comes just as it was revealed one of the leaders in Fantasy eSports, AlphaDraft, will also be taking part in the event.

Submitted by: CCostigan on June 11, 2015
Boston Red Sox Daily Fantasy MLB

Daily Fantasy Sports 911 has your Boston Red Sox DFS MLB outlook for the period June 11 thru 15.  

You will want to avoid using David Ortiz Thursday and Friday, though he can be considered Saturday versus R.A. Dickey, for whom he is 8-for-23 against.  Xander Bogaert, priced at just $2600, is a “must have” for your roster right through the weekend but is to be avoided on Thursday against Chris Tillman.

Dustin Pedroia – Was 2-for-4 Wednesday night and has an ERA over .300

Xander Bogaert  - Hit in both games Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 11, 2015
Seattle Mariners Daily Fantasy MLB

Daily Fantasy Sports 911 has your Seattle Mariners DFS MLB outlook for the next several days.

We would advise withholding Mariners players from your roster this coming Saturday.  Beyond Thursday into Monday there are really no strong plays for the Mariners. 

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 11, 2015

DFS911.com has your Daily Fantasy MLB picks for Wednesday’s games. 


Jeff Francoeur was 2-for-4 with four RBIs thanks to a homer on Saturday for Philadelphia. He was 1-for-1 on Sunday.  He’s hit in six of his last ten, four of which included at least two hits.

Jay Bruce – Hit 2-for-4 Sunday with two runs scored, both were homers. Bruce hit 1-for-5 on Saturday.


Joey Votto has a .300 for the season with 13 homeruns.  He went 3-for-4 Tuesday night with four RBIs.

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 10, 2015

This week it was announced that two mid-tier Daily Fantasy Sports sites, Fantasy Feud and Fantasy Aces, were set to go public in Canada based on regulatory approval.

Details of the Fantasy Feud deal appear below.

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 09, 2015

DFS911.com has your Daily Fantasy Sports MLB plays for June 9.

Phillies vs. Reds

Jeff Francoeur was 2-for-4 with four RBIs thanks to a homer on Saturday for Philadelphia. He was 1-for-1 on Sunday.  He’s hit in six of his last ten entering this week, four of which included at least two hits.

Maikel Franco – Was 2-for-4 hitting Sunday.  He hit in his last six coming into Monday’s game following a little slump.  Franco went 2-for-5 with a home run and three RBI in Wednesday's win over the Reds.

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 09, 2015

In our continuing series that looks at the safety and financial stability of today’s existing second tier Daily Fantasy Sports sites, we examine Toronto-based FantasyFeud.com. 

The last known funding made public as it applies to FantasyFeud.com was $1 million back in 2012.  We can assume they are doing decent business as the site is among the more engaged when it comes to social media outlets like Twitter.

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 09, 2015
AlphaDraft.com: Does This eSports Fantasy Site Have Money?

In light of a number of small and mid-tier daily fantasy sports sites shutting down in recent months, unable to compete among the big boys, Gambling911.com asks: Is AlphaDraft.com well funded?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES. 

AlphaDraft, a new eSports daily fantasy site, recently secured $5 million in investor seed money on May 19 following an undisclosed amount back in February.  We trust this New York, New York company will be around for some time and has the potential of being a force in the explosive eSports fantasy space along with rival Vulcun.

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 08, 2015

Freddie Freeman has been sensational against San Diego’s Ian Kennedy, going 6-for-10 at bats with two doubles and eight RBIs. 

He hit in all nine of his games prior to Sunday’s game in which he failed to do so.

Fears of a bad Braves offense depressed Freeman's draft price a bit this year, but he's had no problem racking up counting stats, as he's collected 33 RI and 35 runs.

You will want to pounce on Freeman going up against James Shields on Tuesday as well.  He is 2-for-3 against Shields.

Freeman is coming in priced at $3900.

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 08, 2015
Daily Fantasy Sports Plays and Previews – June 8

DFS911.com has your Daily Fantasy Sports plays and previews for Monday June 8.

Cole Hamels is a sick 14-0 vs. the Reds lifetime.  Hamels continued his string of strong outings by holding Cincinnati to two runs on six hits over seven innings, the sixth consecutive start in which he pitched at least seven frames and permitted two runs or fewer. 

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 08, 2015
NFL Players Blast League for Cancelling Fantasy-Themed Event in Vegas

DALLAS — (Associated Press) - A fantasy football-themed event in Las Vegas headlined by Tony Romo was called off after the NFL reiterated a policy banning appearances associated with casinos.

A league spokesman said Saturday the NFL “reminded the players association” of the policy with the National Fantasy Football Convention event scheduled for next month.

Romo, who recently joined Twitter, wrote that the league canceled the event. The Dallas quarterback said he was “sad for the fans and players.”

Submitted by: Anonymous on June 07, 2015
Andrew McCutchen Daily Fantasy Sports Profile – June 8

Andrew McCutchen is a hot commodity for Daily Fantasy Sports players the week of June 8. 

His march toward a .300 batting average continues, as he's now slashing .295/.382/.497. McCutchen's strikeout rate of 13.6 percent is the lowest of his career, while his BABIP of .313 remains nearly 20 points below his career mark. 

He has hit in eight of his last ten games including 2-for-5 with an RBI double Friday in Atlanta. 

He’ll face off against the Bewers Kyle Lohse on Wednesday, for whom he maintains a .311 ERA against.

Submitted by: Nick Albano on June 07, 2015
Daily Fantasy Sports MLB Picks and Previews – June 7

There are some hot pitchers today that have ERAs well under .200 facing their respective team’s rosters.

CJ Wilson of the Angels is 16-for-95 facing today’s Yankees batters with just a single homerun.

Clay Buchholz is 17-for-95 against today’s Oakland batters.

Chris Archer is 11-for-78 against today’s Mariners batters with 6 RBIs.

Submitted by: CCostigan on June 07, 2015
Does My Daily Fantasy Sports Site Have Money?  Will It Go Broke?  DraftTeam.com

The question many are asking following the abrupt closure of ScoreStreak.com:  Does my Daily Fantasy Sports site have solid backing behind it or will it go broke like ScoreStreak?

Underfunding is a major concern within the DFS sector.  Today we look at the Vancouver-based site DraftTeam.com, which is said to have “moderate liquidity” with “near term positive cash flow anticipate” (as of June 1, 2015).   The site was begun in 2012 and only began active promotion of its platform over the past year. 

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 06, 2015

Probably our favorite Daily Fantasy Sports MLB play on the day Saturday would be David Price of the Detroit Tigers as starting pitcher.

While priced at $10200, he is coming off a loss.  But more importantly perhaps, he’s allowed only 31 hits off of 147 at bats versus the current White Sox roster. There were two homeruns permitted over this time frame.

He has had trouble against Adam Eaton, who is 7-for-12 against him, and despite his .238 ERA, has hit in nine of his last ten starts so expect one or two hits here from Eaton.

Submitted by: Dan Shapiro on June 06, 2015
SnapDrafts.com Daily Fantasy Site Forms: Prepares for Fall 2015 Launch

DFS911.com reports the launch of a brand new Daily Fantasy Sports website, SnapDrafts.com, due to open this Fall 2015.

Minneapolis-based SnapDrafts.com is founded by Thomas Pearce. 

Mr. Pearce is an award-winning digital interactive director who has worked with brands such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Seagate, Roxio, Napster, Conseco, Thomson Reuters, and SGI.

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 06, 2015
DFS911.com has some good Daily Fantasy MLB picks and previews for Friday evening’s MLB games.

DFS911.com has some good Daily Fantasy MLB picks and previews for Friday evening’s MLB games.


Carlos Martinez– He is due for a bad outing after back-to-back starts with seven shutout innings and eight strikeouts.  Martinez hasn't surrendered a run in 21 consecutive innings, spanning more than three starts.  But beware, he allowed seven runs in two consecutive games back in early May.

Submitted by: CCostigan on June 05, 2015

DFS911.com has your Daily Fantasy Sports MLB picks and previews for Thursday’s games, some of which start in the afternoon.

We love Mike Wacha (Cardinals)  and you too will want to be all over him for your fantasy roster as he is coming off a bad loss (his first of the season).  He’s only allowed 4 hits off of 22 at bats against the current LA roster in the limited appearances versus the Dodgers.

Submitted by: CCostigan on June 04, 2015
ArenaClash Funding, Backing – eSports Fantasy Site to Take on Dota 2

ArenaClash will become the latest eSports Fantasy site with a primary focus on Dota 2 competitive video gaming.

Founded by Adam Larson, William Sweetman and Peter Chanthasena, the Green Bay, Wisconsin firm will look to compete with the likes of Vulcun and AlphaDraft.

They will be offering free and real money contests on a daily basis with no season long commitments.  They also provide live streaming of Dota 2 matches.

ArenaClash was to debut in full on May 15.  The amount of funding was not immediately known at this time.

Watch this video below…

Submitted by: Aaron Goldstein on June 04, 2015

DFS911.com has initiated a new series focusing on the world of Daily Fantasy Sports and whether a particular company will have the capacity to compete in this cutthroat environment. 

As our sister site Gambling911.com reported last week, daily fantasy site ScoreStreak was the latest casualty in an industry ripe with underfunded fly-by-nights.

PlayDraft, we are happy to report, has been raising money….a lot of money.

In just a matter of months, PlayDraft.com (or simply Draft) has managed to raise $3.5 million. 

Submitted by: Anonymous on June 03, 2015