Dribble Enters Daily Fantasy Sports Space: Focuses on UK Premiere League

Dribble is the latest entry into the Daily Fantasy Sports sector with a mobile-first app built for UK Premiere League fans and fantasy players. 

“It brings players the easiest way to craft dream squads and to see how they measure up against friends and random opponents,” the site claims.

Users bounce back and forth via push notifications with their opponents to choose 5 athletes.

They can then follow their athlete's performance and scores right on the phone as they enjoy watching the fixtures. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Play against opponents just for fun or to win real cash. Win £2, £10, £20, or £100! Level up and earn achievements as users play to grow their Dribble career. Dribble is for all levels of fans and players.

The company is founded by Daniel Qu, a Yale graduate, and Nicholas P. Wright.  Both men specialize in the creation of apps. Wright and Qu previously founded Pilot Reader, which provides readers a fun new way to discover and read news on the go.  They refer to that product as “Tinder for the news”.  Go to that site, however, and you end up on a white page.

Qu has also founded Launchsite.com, which bills itself as a crowdsourcing platform that connects amazing web designers with small businesses and startups who need a beautifully designed website. Designers are paid to submit different website concepts to the client. The client chooses their favorite designer to build them a finished website.

The amount of investment money pumped into the Dribble app appears to be nominal. 

Neither Qu or Wright seem to have been able to take their businesses to that next level.  This is demonstrated through Launchsite.com’s Twitter feed, with its last update posted on March 2014.  Leading up to this point, Launchsite.com had been active on Twitter.

The video for Dribble does look pretty cool though.  Check it out below.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com 

By Aaron Goldstein