One of the Original Fantasy Sports Operators CBS Sports to Speak at DFSE

It was confirmed Thursday that CBS Sports, one of the first media outlets to ever launch a fantasy sports site, will be speaking at the Daily Fantasy Sports Expo in Miami Beach June 7-8.

“If this doesn’t get people excited about attending I don’t know what will,” noted event organizer Marc Lesnick. 

The news comes just as it was revealed one of the leaders in Fantasy eSports, AlphaDraft, will also be taking part in the event.

Since 2006, fantasy sports has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry. It's meteoric rise is considered the tip of the iceberg, given the new dynamic of Daily Fantasy Sports. In the old days, rotisserie leagues and fantasy baseball represented the majority of player interest. Today, fantasy football has become the dominant game of choice among consumers, with fantasy basketball as second and fantasy soccer being seen as rising segment. With the emergence of fantasy NFL, CBS SportsLine, Fox Sports, ESPN and others offer real time player scoring, further increasing interest. In addition, a Forbes report indicates that the average player spends about USD $457 each year on their league, plus players pay additional amounts on player and team information. will be a main sponsor of the Daily Fantasy Sports Expo. 

- C. Costigan,

By CCostigan